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School Emergency Resources 
The following resources are provided to help families prepare for how to handle school emergencies. While we hope we never have to experience a school emergency, it's important to be prepared in case an emergency situation arises - much like practicing fire drills regularly.
Standard Response Protocal (SRP) 
The Aspen School District follows and practices the Standard Response Protocal emergency actions developed by the iloveuguys foundation. For more information please watch the following video: Standard Response Protocal
Click here for a printable copy of the District's Crisis Response Plan 

The video links below where created to help you know what to expect and how to react in a school emergency situation.

Click here for a printable copy of our District's Reunification Parent Handout.
Lockout/Lockdown Procedures
A Lockout condition is a precautionary measure due to a suspected and/or immediate threat or hazard outside of the school building. A Lockout uses the security of the physical facility to act as protection. During a Lockout students and staff are brought back into the building as quickly as possible and all exterior doors are locked. No outside activities are allowed, but classroom activities would continue uninterrupted. The main entry for each building is monitored to allow access to anyone known to the school such as law enforcement, school district employees, or parents.
Parent communication when a Lockout occurs will look something like "The (insert school name) is in a Lockout. You will receive an update via email later today explaining."   
A Lockdown condition occurs when there is an immediate threat or hazard inside of a school building. A Lockdown uses enclosed lockable areas within the building to protect students and staff from the threat. During a Lockdown the following procedures will be followed:
  • A Lockdown announcement will be given over the school's PA system and/or verbally in the hallways. "Lockdown - locks, lights, out-of-sight."
  • Teachers and staff are to close and lock their classroom/office doors, turn off the lights, and get students on the floor and out-of-sight. Simultaneously bring any students directly outside the classroom into the classroom, whether they are in that class or not. Teachers with rooms on the ground floors will also lock windows, when directed to do so.
  • Everyone (students and staff) will stay in the locked room they are in from when the Lockdown occurs until it ends.
  • Students in open spaces will be directed by staff to the nearest classroom/secure area where they will remain until the Lockdown ends. 
  • Everyone (students and staff) will remain silent throughout the Lockdown. All cell phones will be turned off or to silent mode. No phone calls are allowed. 
  • Once the door is locked it can only be unlocked by law enforcement or building/district administrations.
  • Anyone outside the building should not enter the building, but take cover behind a natural barrier or go to the closest building off campus. Remain calm and quite and move around as little as possible. 
  • At the conclusion of a Lockdown, you will be released by law enforcement or a building/district administrator and via an announcement over the school's PA system.
In a real emergency, there is no parent communication when a Lockdown occurs. An explanation will be provided as soon as it is safe to do so.