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Aspen School District Board of Education

District Mission
Students will realize their full potential, appreciate the relevance of their
education, be excited to learn, and be empowered for success! 
Board Members
 (Left to Right: Susan Marolt, Margeaux Johansson, Dwayne Romero, Sheila Kennedy Wills, Sandra Peirce) 

Board News

Citizenship & Life Skills

The Aspen School District and Board of Education believe that a strong foundation in mathematics, reading and writing are important skills for our students, and the Board monitors student achievement in these areas annually. We also believe that there are other, equally important areas that contribute to educating our students to become responsible, caring global citizens.  These attributes are reflected in our Life Skills and Citizen policies (R-3, R-4), and are areas of achievement that the Board monitors annually as well.

Within these policies are expectations for our students, K-12, which include, among other traits, responsibility and leadership, the skills to manage and resolve conflict, respect for others, compassion and fairness, good stewardship of the environment and the ability to place their own self-interest in perspective with the interests of others.

We believe these policies are community values and reflect who we want our students to be as they walk across the stage to accept their graduation diplomas and head off into the world.  Not only do we believe in these values, but we support our children every step of the way as they begin their journey to graduation.

At the elementary school we provide a wide array of age-appropriate social/emotional programs, themes, and activities that focus on responsibility, caring, respect, fairness, trust, and citizenship. Additionally, we have a student manager program that focuses on conflict mediation and supporting others in positive decision making. Our counselor and assistant principal teach elements of the Second Step program promoting social skills, friendship, and raising awareness of bullying at school, home, and in the community. We support many classroom based projects that promote giving back to our local and national community. Examples of these programs are: Lemonade Day, Food Drive, St. Jude Math-A-Thon, and The Kindness Project in 4
th Grade. The elementary school also partners with the Buddy Program and hosts Read With Me volunteers who support students in reading and forge positive community relationships with our students.

A Culture of Character based on SKIER traits, is emphasized on a daily basis at the middle school.  The SKIER pillars are: Self, Kindness, Integrity, Effort and Respect. Each week a specific SKIER trait is focused upon and discussed in class with all students. Various videos, readings, and activities are used in an ongoing effort to promote our students to reflect upon character.  We also regularly use a student self-assessment based upon the middle school SKIER traits, fostering students to further reflect upon their character and to identify areas for personal improvement.  Middle school parents are involved in the process and are provided with opportunities to have regular conversations with their children pertaining to these essential topics.

The high school offers our students opportunities not only at an academic level, but also through social activities, to learn and grow and to foster more complex thinking around citizenship and their individual place in a global world.  Courses such as American Democracy & Civics, Ecological Literacy and Resource Efficiency, Comparative Religions, Introduction to Philosophy and Leadership: Aspen High School & Beyond, challenge our students to work collaboratively and effectively and hone critical thinking skills as they seek to understand global perspectives. Unity Week at the high school provides a week-long celebration of diversity to increase cultural awareness within and among our student population.

Through high school clubs our students identify individual interests, practice leadership and show respect with regard to diverse student interests.  A sample of clubs supported at the HS include; Action in Africa, Aspen for Haiti, Aspen High School Democrats, Outreach Service Club and Young Republican Club.

The adage “it takes a village” continues to be true and the Aspen School District and the Board of Education look to partner with families and the community as we strive to guide our youth to act responsibly, thoughtfully, kindly, and compassionately.


Aspen School District Board of Education
Margeaux Johansson
Susan Marolt
Sandra Peirce
Dwayne Romero
Sheila Wills 


On October 25th, members of the BOE attended the CORE Annual Grant Reception at the Pitkin County Library. The Aspen High School Earth Group, under the guidance of Travis Moore, was recognized as recipient of a $3,800 grant to enable the installation of two water refill stations within the high school. In seeking the grant, the Earth Group sought to reduce the number of plastic water bottles used in the high school and looked to promote a more sustainable environment. Based on the counters on the new refilling stations, which record the number of plastic bottles saved with each refill, the Earth Group is well on its way to helping Aspen High School go green! 

Congratulations on your grant and good luck with your future fundraising efforts!
grant winners          water refill station
(Susan Marolt, Jaydon Richardson-sophomore, Ricky Wojcik-junior, Travis Moore)                  AHS Water Refill Station


If you have any questions or problems finding and/or accessing specific Board information please contact Angela Rittenhouse, secretary to the Board of Education, at 970/925-3760 x4007 or arittenhouse@aspenk12.net.

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Margeaux Johansson, Treasurerasped16@gmail.com
(203) 451-2067November 2017 
Susan Marolt, President susanmarolt@gmail.com (970) 923-8966 November 2017 
Sandra Peirce, Vice-Presidentsmpeirce@comcast.net (970) 925-1242 November 2019 
Dwayne Romero, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer dwayneaspenk12@gmail.com (970) 618-8880November 2017 
Sheila Kennedy Wills, Secretary skwills@comcast.net (970) 379-0329 November 2019