Meet the Teams
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Aspen Middle School Concussion Management Team

Robin Strecker BA, RN

Allina Robertson MA, CCC-SLP, CBIS

Aspen Elementary School Concussion Management Team

Robin Strecker BA, RN 

Tonie Richards

Role of the AES and AMS Concussion Management Teams: to serve our students with concussion and traumatic brain injury.


  • Symptom Monitoring - Weekly monitoring of a student’s symptoms

    • Cognitive

    • Physical

    • Emotional

    • Sleep disruptions

  • Academic Monitoring -  Weekly monitoring of student’s academic performance

    • Check Powerschool

    • Teacher’s report of the impact of symptoms in the classroom

    • Track missed assignments, tests, presentations, etc.

  • Accommodations - Weekly communication to teachers

    • Outlines current symptoms

    • Provides weekly accommodations

  • Resolution - Upon resolution of symptoms or doctor's note

    • Teachers will receive a letter notifying them that concussion accommodations are no longer necessary.

    • Academic Monitor will reach out to discuss students’ Return to Learn and provide support for students & teachers (proctoring tests/quizzes, supporting student studying, finding space for students to study, facilitating communication between teachers and students).