Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

Our comprehensive emloyee benefits package includes district funded medical, dental, vision, and life insurance for all benefit eligible employees. ASD also partners with American Fidelity Insurance for our voluntary insurance coverage including flexible spending accounts, disability insurance, cancer insurance, accident insurance, and hospital indemnity insurance.

Employees who work 30+ hours per week are considered full time benefits eligible and recieve the full district contribution toward benefits. Part-time employees who work 20-30 hours per week recieve a pro-rated contribution.

Wellness Benefit

Wellness Benefit Program (Information from the CBA between ASD and AEA)

15.1 The Aspen School District (ASD) Wellness program allows staff the flexibility to choose from among a variety of taxable benefits to best meet their particular wellness needs.

In keeping with the District’s commitment to sustainability and wellness, the District may offer additional wellness and sustainability incentives for those employees who bicycle, walk, take public transportation, and/or utilize methods of transportation to and from work other than operating a motor vehicle.

In the spirit of this desire to reduce our carbon footprint, the District also commits to providing a staff bus on a daily basis running from Carbondale to campus. The District will make every effort to maximize participation.

15.1.1 Twelve Month Maximum Benefit: (Year: August - July) is equal to $600 per eligible employee. If the employee opts for a discounted ski pass under the District Ski Pass Program, the maximum benefit will be applied to the ski pass, and the employee will not be eligible to participate in the Wellness Program.

15.1.2 Eligible employees with an employment date after September 1, are eligible for a pro-rated maximum benefit, based on date of employment. Eligibility begins on the first of the month following the date of hire. For example, if a person is hired January 12, they become eligible on February 1, and their maximum ASD Wellness amount for that year is 6/12, or one-half of the annual program benefit.