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PeAk Futures Purpose: An optional 18-21 year old program to serve students with disabilities who have completed core content high school requirements through an individualized approach to assist with developing the necessary tools to progress from high school to adult life. The program aims to support the journey to the PeAk of each individual person’s goals.

PeAk Futures Philosophy: The 18-21 transition program empowers adults to achieve their goals and their potential through developing their skills and resources to maximize their independence in their adult life.

Focused services based on individual needs:

  • Employment, Career, Work Based Learning

  • Adult Life skills

  • Community Connections

  • Interpersonal Communication

Kaleb- Winterskol King
Supporting student employment goals
Scheduling and Planning
JD Interviewing with Ski CO!
Transition Agencies and Resources
Guardian and Student Information- Waivers, Medicaid, Long Term Care, Benefit Planning

Colorado has many waiver programs, each with its own mix of benefits and services that help a person live and thrive in the community. No one waiver program offers every benefit and service, nevertheless, the waiver programs offer different benefits and supports based on the individual need of the person. Please refer to the Important Links Waivers, Medicaid, Long Term Care for more information regarding all the programs in Colorado.

Benefits Information and Counseling Information: resource and informational guides to navigate how agencies and life decisions impact benefits.