Bus Permissions

All grade levels require prior permission to ride a bus they are not assigned to ride or get off at a stop they are not assigned to offload. To request this permission parents and guardians can use the following form. Once received we inform the driver regarding this permission or register the student for that stop or route depending on whether it is a single-day request or a reoccurring need.

In addition, parents may permit family friends, nannies, or other individuals to pick their student up from a bus stop, allow their K-4th grader to get off without a parent/guardian present, or allow a kindergartener or first grader to get off with an older sibling by completing this form and returning it via email or hardcopy to the Transportation offices.

My Ride K-12 App Sign Up

REGISTERING Your Student for the Bus:

Please watch the video linked here on how to enroll your student for transportation. If you are making a bus change request or are a new enrollee mid-way through the year, please use the form here.

REGISTERING for My Ride K-12:

To protect the safety of our student's information only two users will be able to link to that student. That person may then share that student with as many people as needed, so multiple guardians may have access to their student's route information. For the step-by-step signup instructions, please use the links below.

To access our My Ride K-12 website use the following link: https://coaspensdre1.myridek12.tylerapp.com/

Our school name is: Aspen School District RE-1, CO