A selection of AHS Filmmakers' Short Documentaries (scroll down for links)
AHS documentaries

Students in Sarah Ward's Q4 Yearbook Class present short films

Desire 2 Win- This film created by Adelaide Ryerson covers the boys' lacrosse team including their connection to and loss of Carson Clettenberg.

Who is Cam?- Created by Luna Murray, Stela VerHey, Anna Dangler, and Liv Ferrara, this film dives into Cam Daniel, who he is, and his life both in and out of school.

AHS Alums- Gia Galindo Bartley, Marybeth Clapper, Kate Scott, and Aidan Sunkel selected three AHS alums (Cory Parker, Barton Tofany, and Haylen Gonzalez-Pita to discuss their choice to come back and teach at AHS.

A Look into ASD Dog’s Lives- Elsa Tullar, Kristine Hvolbaek, Kellar Leach, and Sasha Clifford explored the lives of dogs around the district.

The Story of Bart- The connection between Barton Tofany and Taylor Swift is investigated in this film.

Prama Documentary- Grace O’Callaghan, Gracie Brown, Susannah Goldsmith, and Olivia Cook created this mockumentary to explore the prom ask culture at AHS.