Aspen School District Board of Education

DISTRICT VISION: The Aspen School District will be an international model for enabling every student to reach their full potential.

DISTRICT MISSION: The Aspen School District cultivates inquisitive, resilient, and caring young people, enabling them to reach their highest academic potential through education that is rigorous, inclusive, and reflective of our mountain community values.

ASPEN SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION DIVERSITY AND EQUITY STATEMENT: The Aspen School District Board of Education (BOE) recognizes that there may be conscious and unconscious biases impacting our students' ability to achieve their full potential. We are committed to eliminating barriers to creating a welcoming and inclusive culture in which every student feels valued and accepted.

It is our intention that all students, regardless of how they identify or are identified, can grow and thrive. The BOE is committed to this work. We hereby task our administration, teachers, and support staff with creating such a climate.

If you have any questions or problems finding and/or accessing specific Board information please contact Alice Black, secretary to the Board of Education, at 970-925-3760 x 1181 or

Public Comments

The Aspen School District Board of Education would like to request that parents/community members who wish to make public comments at a regular board meeting, please sign up prior to the board meeting for scheduling purposes using the online public comments FORM. Thank you so much!